Load Cells and Accessories

Various accessories are available to provide a complete solution, from the load cells required to measure the weight to secondary displays, printers and scanners.

Slave displays


Versions of some of the standard weighing indicators are available as slave displays, including the Rinstrum R320 and R323 and the SysTec IT1. Some models have just a display only with no keys, for example a customer-facing display at an airport check-in desk. Other models have the standard keys to provide full functionality (zero, tare, etc.) and would be used in an industrial application extending over multiple levels to provide an operator interface at different locations.


Remote displays


The larger remote displays provide a visual indication at a distance. As well as the weight display, some models support text prompts and built-in traffic light indicators.


Load Cells

Load Cells


The most common form of weight sensor is the strain-gauge load cell. Various types are available; single-point, shear beam, S-type, etc. We can also supply weighing assemblies that can provide protection against overload, lift-off, extraneous loads, etc. and complete scale platforms.


Junction Boxes

Junctions Boxes


For applications with multiple load cells, we can provide junction boxes with adjustment for balance between cells. Different models are available with 4, 6 or 8 inputs and in ABS, die-cast or stainless steel housings.



Different types of printers are available; receipt type for continuous rolls, slip printers (e.g. weighbridge tickets), label & tag printers, and report printers.



Barcode scanners and RFID readers


For any form of identification, whether it is products, operators or job numbers, bar code scanners and RFID readers are available. These would tend to be used as part of a larger system linked to one of the programable indicators to provide a complete integrated solution.


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