Programmable Controllers

Programmable controllers enable applications to be developed to provide solutions to specific customer requirements. A wide range of features are available including digital I/O, communications interfaces, data storage and operator interaction. As well as providing user-friendly solutions that satisfy the specifications, cost savings can also be made in some circumstances by incorporating functionality that would otherwise be implemented by external switchgear, PLCs, HMIs, host PCs, etc.


Rinstrum C500


The Rinstrum C500 comes in panel mount form as standard with a simple keypad and a 13.8mm LED display with several built-in annunciators. Ethernet and USB are standard and several options are available for analogue output, digital I/O, communications interfaces, etc.


Rinstrum R400 LUA


A programming module is available to make the R420 and R423 indicators programmable units. The indicators have a full numeric keypad and a multi-part LCD display. The programming module includes Ethernet and USB interfaces, and other modules are available as with the base indicators.


SysTec IT6000E and IT8000E Indicators


The SysTec IT6000E and IT8000E indicators have a 145mm colour TFT display and a numeric keypad. The IT8000E also has an integrated alpha keypad. Ethernet and USB are standard and various options are available including communications interfaces, digital I/O and analogue outputs. The indicators are fully programmable and can be provided with either bespoke applications or a wide range of standard factory programs including product lookup (with features for printing, counting, filling, totalising, checkweighing/checkcounting, etc.), batching (recipe weighing), statistical quality control (average weight), filling, dynamic checkweighing, loss-in-weight, belt weighing (continuous totaliser), discontinuous totalising, and truck weighing. Depending on the application, there are possibilities for storing data or transmitting data to a host PC.


SysTec IT 6000ET and IT8000ET Indicators


The IT6000ET and IT8000ET indicators are touchscreen versions of the standard counterparts with 180mm colour touchscreen displays. Custom applications can be developed for bespoke customer requirements.



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